You can have your own Free email box and have it set up for you by contacting Howard at his email address.

Just tell him the name of the box you want him to create. You can select:

Once Howard sets up your email box, you can access your box either online or by using Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email software.

Online access is great if your traveling anywhere in the world as you can use any computer (internet café, hotel etc.) to access your email online.

For purposes of this instruction, let's make believe your email address is: To access this online, you will be receiving a web site address from Howard, plus a user name and password.

You will be going to this web site address and entering your User ID and Password as follows:
User: *********
Password: *************

Once you enter your User ID and password, this will open your own online mailbox control panel. Once inside your personal control panel, you can do many things. You can change your password. You can set up mail forwarding so that anything sent to the mailbox could be forwarded to any email address you choose, including one you have now.

You can also set up autoresponse messages, etc. Optionally, you can set this box up as another account in Outlook, Outloook Express, Eudora or other email program to receive your email there.

To do this you would use the following settings:
User Name: ***************
Password: *****************
Incoming mail:
SMTP Outgoing:

That's all you need to do, and Outlook or other email program will download your mail from your mailbox and any other mailboxes you have listed in your email program.

What's good about having the box is that you'll get no spam if you don't ever use it to sign up for any internet stuff. Hope this tutorial will help you get the ball rolling with email access and uploading your family photos and documents.