If you'd like to have your family or friends photos placed on the web site you need to do this by "uploading the photos to the Polsky web server.  You will do this by a process known as FTP (file transfer protocol). A fancy way of saying you need to install an FTP program on your computer that will allow you to send photos to the Polsky web srver.

Using an (FTP) program, you will be able to easily upload (send) pictures or word documents, pictures, or other files directly to a special area on the Polsky server.

Step 1 - Download a free copy of this FTP progam, which you can do by clicking here.    

Step 2 -
Install the FTP program on your computer. During the download you will be asked what type of use you will be making of the program.  Click on "Student or Home Use".  Pay no attention to any screen that might pop up warning you about the potential of malicious files. Anything you download from this site is located on our own very secure dedicated server.

Step 3 - After you download the program, click here to send an email to cousin Howard and let him know you've installed the program. He will then send you a document that tells you how to set up and use the WFTP program and how you upload files to the Polsky server.   First he'll respond to your email to make sure it's really you asking for the instructions so that some stranger does not gain access to the Polsky server.

If you'd like, you can send Cousin Howard your telephone number and he'll phone you with instructions. Alternatively, you can contact Jules Polsky, who is now a master at this.  

Step 4 - Once you know how to use the FTP program, each time you upload new photos or info, you'll send cousin Howard an email and let him know you uploaded new stuff. He'll then retrieve it and add it to the Polsky Family web site.